About Us

Hides and Stitches emerged as a result of our desire to create, learn, and grow. We have a great appreciation for the hand-made products of skilled artisans, and enjoy learning to make such goods ourselves. We admit that one of the motivations for this endeavor was the desire to own these goods ourselves. Collectively, we are proud to make a variety of leather goods, fiber accessories, and jewelry.

Since we opened our shop in 2013, we have had the pleasure of improving our craft with help from other local artisans, online communities, and good old-fashioned trial and error. We are pleased to be able to offer our products in the highest quality leathers we can find, including full-grain vegetable-tanned, combination-tanned, and shell cordovan.

One of our primary interests is the environment, and we attempt to follow practices that are best for our planet whenever possible. At home, this means eating foods with a low environmental impact, using homemade environmentally friendly cleaners, and the avoidance of anything disposable. At the store, it means practicing mindful consumerism: purchasing local (if possible) buy-it-for-life items in addition to previously owned goods. We support local businesses and enjoy participating in local markets ourselves. For Hides and Stitches, we source the highest quality materials from the United States whenever possible and aim to make products that will last our customers a lifetime. One of the early inspirations for our interest in the environment was The Story of Stuff--we highly recommend checking it out.

We are immensely thankful for the guidance and knowledge we have received from many local artisans and business owners, support from friends and customers, and our parents, who regularly watch our two energetic offspring so that we can make Hides and Stitches work.